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We offer a wide range of knitwear, such as standard gauge knitting, both double and single sided, chunky knitwear and finest knitted lace, as well as hand knitted, crochet, macramé and fully-fashioned bespoke pieces.


Some of the the types of knitting we offer:


  • Standard gauge knitting

  • Single or double side

  • Chunky knitting

  • Hand knitting

  • Crochet

  • Weaving in knitwear

  • Macramé

  • Embroidery by hand

  • Circular knitting

  • Lace knit

  • Super fine knitting (10 days advance notice is required)

  • Gloves and socks

  • Fully fashioned


The choice of material is limitless, starting from Como silk, super fine floss, rubber, stretchy lycra and all the way up to metal wire. Whatever the material and the type of knit you have in mind, we can accomplish your vision with beautifully finished knitted garments.


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